CambridgeHOK is the UK's most advanced horticultural engineering and construction company. It is renowned for its expertise in the design and build of Vertical Farms, Commercial Glasshouses, Garden Centres and Energy Solutions. It provides a complete turnkey service from establishing business cases for investment to offering in-depth consultation and advice on design, construction, materials, heating, air conditioning, electrical installations and energy solutions.

CambridgeHOK projects

Strawberry growing glasshouse for Dyson Farming

Design, planning and build of a six hectare glasshouse packed with energy-saving LED lighting to extend day length. CambridgeHOK managed and oversaw the entire process, from design and construction to handover, including the construction of …

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£5m packhouse stores millions of tomatoes and cucumbers

CambridgeHOK constructed a huge new £5million packhouse to store millions of tomatoes and cucumbers per year. The team designed and built the facility, including foundations and civils, structural steelwork, external cladding, cold store …

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Vertical Farm Design and Build

Transformation of an empty industrial unit in London into a sophisticated indoor vertical farming space to grow a variety of herbs and leafy greens all year round .The team developed detailed drawings and install specialist agricultural LED …

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