New partner SCRE3NS - All good things come in threes

2022 started off nicely for Pascal den Heijer and Barry Roessen, because SCRE3NS was founded. SCRE3NS, a screen installation company of Dutch origin and the newest member of the Atrium family is eager to conquer the screen world.



35 years of combined experience

Both Pascal and Barry have a proven track record in the field of screen installations. Pascal especially in the export business, where he has built a huge network and is known for his long term partnerships. He has worldwide experience with various projects, from lettuce to cannabis and everything in between. His years of export experience have taught him how to shift gears quickly and in a timely manner, as managing overseas projects is a skill. 

Barry, the technical brains of SCRE3NS, has built up a large network in the Netherlands and Belgium. He specializes in new construction of both large-scale, and specific horticultural projects such as high-tech research centers. But extra screens in existing greenhouses and the replacement market with renovations also suit him well.

SCRE3NS - Newest member of Atrium

SCRE3NS is a screen installation company, operating under the banner of Atrium Agri, the largest and most complete horticultural supply cluster in the history of Dutch greenhouse horticulture. Pascal and Barry are therefore proud to join this cluster with SCRE3NS. Collaboration is the key word of the future in a market that is looking for a complete solution to efficiently realize the ever larger and more complex projects.

Tailor-made advice 

Thanks to their years of experience, Den Heijer and Roessen can provide a solutions for all screen challenges. They can put themselves in the shoes of their customers like no other, whether they were born in a greenhouse or have never set foot in one before. Tailor-made advice, technical knowledge at hand, a strong financial basis and a personal approach. That's what SCRE3NS stands for and goes for, under the wings of Atrium. All good things come in threes.

Press photo: Barry Roessen and Pascal den Heijer put their signatures to SCRE3NS B.V. Barry Roessen (l) and Pascal den Heijer (r)