Atrium Agri acquires majority stake in Kascoplex

Horticultural consortium continues growth strategy at a steady pace.

At the end of June, Atrium Agri reached an agreement with Kasper Dalsem of Kascoplex and takes a majority stake in the Dutch based supplier. Kascoplex is a company specialized in storage and distribution of synthetic semi-finished products with a focus on the horticultural sector. Atrium Agri is a partnership of entrepreneurs within the international horticultural sector. Within a short time, Atrium Agri has grown into a complete knowledge platform in the field of total cultivation concepts, greenhouse construction, screen systems, water, climate, automation, energy, logistics and consultancy.

Kascoplex is the tenth participation of Atrium Agri, with which the list of companies acquired by the consortium is beginning to take on impressive forms. Just before the end of 2021, Havecon, VB and PB tec merged under the Atrium label. Turnkey greenhouse supplier Bom Group, horticultural consultant VEK Adviesgroep, English based complete greenhouse supplier CambridgeHOK and cultivation gutter specialist JB Hydroponics were previously taken over by Atrium Agri. In addition, an exclusivity was agreed with BaOpt for operating its climate system in horticulture and an interest was taken in data-driven crop specialist ADI (Agri Data Innovations). In January of this year Atrium Agri started the screen installation company Scre3ns.

Kasper Dalsem from Kascoplex:
“The acquisition fits in well with the steady growth of Kascoplex. By joining this group of independently operating companies, I expect Kascoplex to be able to improve in the future in terms of efficiency, automation and marketing. Under Atrium Agri, Kascoplex is creating broader support for growth and continuity. Kascoplex will continue to operate in the market as an independent market player. The usual service and flexibility remain at the level you are used to from us. Furthermore, at the beginning of this year we welcomed Thijs van Vondelen as a new employee within our organization. Thijs is responsible for sales and logistics. We are very pleased with these new developments, which allow us to respond better and faster to tailor-made demands from the market. We are ready for the next phase of our future!”

Henk Verbakel of Havecon:
‘We welcome Kasper and his team to the growing Atrium family. In the horticultural sector we see a rapidly increasing demand for energy-saving and insulating greenhouse covering materials and Kascoplex is responding well to this. Havecon has been a loyal customer of Kascoplex since its inception and it is a great addition and challenge for us, and the other greenhouse construction companies within our group to continue to search for energy-saving applications for greenhouses.'